Ministry of Health: incoming medical tourism to Russia has grown by 35% for six months

Karachay-Cherkessia will cooperate with the leading tour operators of China

Tretyakov Gallery will use the City Pass card to attract foreign tourists

The Moscow income from Chinese tourists could exceed $ 1 billion in 2016

Sevastopol authorities are expecting the growth of tourist flow by 20% till the end of the year

Tour operators of China plan to develop cooperation with Ingushetia

The tourist route "Great Silk Road" was opened in North Caucasus.

Russian far eastern national park to open 7 eco-tour routes

Chechnya to host first international gastronomical festival

Russia annually loses $ 6 billion due to the hard visa regime.

Federal Tourism Agency wants to promote vacation in Russia via Alibaba

Foreign tourism on the rise in Russia’s Primorye

In 2016 the number of Iranian tourists visited Russia increased by 60 thousand.

Tourists appreciated Hermitage as the best museum in Europe and third in the world.

Moscow will host for the first time the FIJET Congress in late September.

Incoming tourist flow to Russia in summer season 2016 had grew.

The hotel occupancy of Sochi region during summer time 2016 exceeded the same period of Olympian Games.

At the World Forum of cruise companies the new sea terminal in Murmansk will be presented.

Free guided excursions will be held on the MSR until October 10.

Putin urged to build inexpensive but good hotels in the regions.