The Russian Foreign Ministry is warning the Russians about the trips to Georgia

The number of Russians visiting Georgia for 10 months increased by 13%

"Pobeda" has launched flights from Moscow to Baku and Tbilisi through the Rostov-on-Don

"Aeroflot" will twice increase flights to London this winter

Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation did not allow "Pobeda” airline company to fly to Turin

The airline company "Pobeda" has received approval for flights from Moscow to Armenia

Airline company "Pobeda" will start flying to Pisa

The Russians returned to winter Finland

The airline company S7 starts flights to Turin

The number of Russians visiting Georgia increased by 13% for the first 9 months

Finland may close Imatra - Svetogorsk checkpoint in the night time

Norway hopes to attract more Russian tourists this winter

"Biblio Globus" aimed at Andorra

"VIM-AVIA" is to launch flights from “Zhukovsky” airport to Frankfurt.

Austrian Aviation authorities asked to stop selling tickets of "Pobeda" airlines company to Vienna.

Russia, Georgia continue efforts to ease visa regime — ministry

Moldova’s new air carrier Fly One to launch regular air service with Russia from June

After 18 months of decline, arrivals from Russia to Estonia began to grow

Czech Airlines launched flights from Prague to Kazan

Aeroflot fully resumes flying to Brussels from April 8 — airline