Ex-owners of Transaero put together 72% of company’s shares to close deal with Aeroflot

Transaero shares up 40% in early trading on Moscow Stock Exchange

Search engine Bronni.ru stopped working

Transaero stock down 35%, losing last week’s gains

Mordashov has increased its stake in the joint venture with TUI to 75%

The number of applications for visas by Russian citizens fell by 37%

Trip from Moscow to Sheremetyevo airport on the toll road will cost from 80 to 250 rubles

The amount of liability insurance of Russian tour operators in 2015 has decreased by 50%

Losses of airlines in Russia in 2015 could reach 30 billion rubles

Within a week, Biblio Globus will return 300 million rubles to its tourists

Ukrainian sanctions stop air connection with Russia

Russian transport minister: Only Aeroflot can fill gap after Transaero goes away

Aeroflot temporarily authorized to fly Transaero’s 56 international routes

Transaero operator certificate to be canceled from October 26

Putin urges fulfilling all obligations to Transaero passengers

Aeroflot says it is yet to carry 230,000 passengers of Transaero until December 15

Transaero cancels 76 flights for October 16 — Aeroflot

Kremlin: Obliging officials to fly national airlines in line with world practice

Aeroflot to transport Transaero passengers on international flights until October 5

Russian minister says bankruptcy is the only option for Transaero air carrier