Tourist office of Mexico in Moscow stops its work

The tourists flow from Russia to Dominican Republic in January 2017 increased by 136%

The tourist flow from Russia to the Dominican Republic grew by 90% in 2016

Russian tourist flow to Cuba increased by 50% in 2016

RST: Russian tourists are returning to Latin America

"Aeroflot" will launch flights to Newark airport in summer 2017

Russian tourist flow to Cuba has increased by almost 40% for the year

Tour operators have increased the number of flights to Dominican Republic

Nordwind has become a regular carrier between Moscow and New York

AZUR air started operating flights to Cuba

Visa-free regime between Russia and Bolivia has come into effect

The largest US airline company will cease flights to Russia.

Mexico has simplified visa rules. Now Russians can come there by Schengen visa also.

The number of Russian tourists in the Dominican Republic quadrupled in August.

In summer, Delta Air resumed flights from New York to Moscow

Biblio Globus cancelled flight program to Dominican Republic

Biblio Globus will fly to Egypt and Dominican Republic on OrenAir

The Dominican Republic is going to return on the Russian market in 2016

Since July 11, Russians can visit Honduras without a visa