Duma speaker: Russia, Egypt interested in restoring tourism relations and resuming flights

Egyptian ambassador to Russia hopeful Russian aircraft flights to Egypt will be resumed

Nearly 90,000 Russians leave Egypt since suspension of air communication

Aeroflot suspends air service with Egypt from December 1, 2015 to March 27, 2016

Russia may ban flights to other countries after Egypt terror attack — PM

Russian tour operators already lost $10 million since Egypt flight suspension

Audit of Egypt airport security may take at least 2 weeks — tourist association

With departures of the Russian and British tourists, Egypt will lose up to 70% of the tourist traffic

Tour operators have sold about 140 thousand tours to Egypt with departures until March 2016

The Ministry of Tourism in Egypt has stopped the country's campaign in Russia until the investigation of the accident is completed

About 11,000 Russian tourists evacuated from Egypt last 24 hours - deputy PM

Second plane brings to Moscow from Egypt luggage of Russian tourists

Putin signs temporary ban on passenger flights from Russia to Egypt

Source: russian side has no proof of explosion onboard Russian plane that crashed in Egypt

Experts search for explosive traces on A321 plane fragments — anti-terrorist committee

Egypt says no comment on causes of Russian plane crash until investigation is over

Egypt’s president dismisses terror claims for Russian plane crash

Experts suspect metal fatigue, engine failure or blast on board in A321 Egypt plane crash

Experts find components that are not of the crashed A321 airliner — source

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism is planning a visit to Moscow to meet with Russian tour operators