The results of Russian tourism on the island of Bali for 2017

The Russian tourist flow to Hainan increased by 251% in 2017

Nearly 60,000 Russian tourists visited Sri Lanka last year

The tourist exchange between China and Russia reached four million trips in 2017

The tourist flow from Russia to India grew by almost 70% in 2017

The flow of tourists from Russia to Thailand grew by nearly a quarter in 2017

The number of Russian tourists in Vietnam increased by one third in 2017

In 2017 the number of Russian tourists at Nha Trang Vietnamese resort has almost doubled

The flow of tourists from Russia to Japan grew by 42% in 2017

Regional transportation to China will increase

More than 9 million tourists visited India from January to November 2017

Siberia Airlines will launch flying from Irkutsk to Tokyo in the spring of 2018

The tourist flow from Russia to Japan increased by 40% in January-October 2017

Tourist flow from Russia to Mauritius began to grow after the crisis caused by the crisis

Ural Airlines began regular flights on the route Vladivostok-Harbin-Bangkok

A record number of tourists from Russia will visit Vietnam in 2017

Travel agents of Ekaterinburg are discouraged by the cancellation of New Year's flights to Bali

Tours to India are sold cheaper than the cost of a flight

Russia is the leader by increasing of the tourist traffic to Bali in January-August 2017

Air company Aurora will fly in the winter in 45 directions