Putin: Russia will not tolerate such crimes as attack against its Sukhoi-24 plane

Kremlin says the incident with crashed Russian plane too serious to rush with conclusions

Russian air carriers to tighten security after A321 terror act

Travel restrictions on Russian nationals not discussed — Foreign Ministry

No plans for exit visas for Russian tourists ever discussed in Moscow — Foreign Ministry

Transaero over 9,500 staff must be informed they need to leave company

After the collapse of the A321, the sales of tours abroad in St. Petersburg reduced more than in other cities of Russia

Boeing 737 to continue operating in Russia — air transport agency

Mardan Palace Hotel in Turkey is sold by Ismailov for $ 127 million

Transaero shareholders accuse businessman Filev of violating deal agreement

Legal claims related to Transaero’s shares prevented acquisition deal — S7 co-owner

Natalie Tours resumed relations with NT Incoming

Icarus airline of Pegas Touristik and Katekavia of Anex Tour will get routes of Transaero

Executive: reserving of New Year tours abroad down 80% in Russia

Ex-owners of Transaero put together 72% of company’s shares to close deal with Aeroflot

Transaero shares up 40% in early trading on Moscow Stock Exchange

Search engine Bronni.ru stopped working

Transaero stock down 35%, losing last week’s gains

Mordashov has increased its stake in the joint venture with TUI to 75%

The number of applications for visas by Russian citizens fell by 37%