UTair to increase number of flights to Ukraine within 2 weeks

Low-cost air company Norwegian stop flights from Oslo to St. Petersburg

Russian tour operators refused of charter trains to Lapland due to low demand

Russian tourist flow to Belarus in 2015 decreased by 10%

The first week after introduction of biometrics for Schengen visas went smoothly

The number of Russian tourists in hotels in Latvia has decreased by almost 40%

Father Christmas files for bankruptcy: Fall in Russian tourists to Finland threatens to leave the company behind the Arctic Circle's Santa Claus Village without its star attraction

Georgian Airways resumed regular flights between Tbilisi and Rostov-on-Don

Lufthansa is leaving Vnukovo airport

Tourists' flow from Russia to Estonia in June fell by more than 30%

From August, Poland has 26 visa centers in Russia

General Consulate of Hungary in Kazan to suspend issuing Schengen visas from September

The number of visa centers of France in Russia reaches 18

From September 1, Finnair to stop flights from Helsinki to Nizhniy Novgorod

Finland will issue by 50% less visas to Russians than a year before

Air Moldova started operating flights from Chisinau to Moscow

The number of Russian tourists to Estonia decreased by 38%

The Russians took the third place in the number of tourists to Hungary

The number of Russian tourists in Estonia in March fell by almost half

Railway connection between Tallinn and St. Petersburg is terminated