The winter season 2018–19 and the Egyptian factor

Tour operators can offer interesting and sometimes unexpected winter destinations: for example, Gambia, where Coral Travel tour operator will continue to fly, or Zanzibar in Tanzania, where two tour operators fly this year. Now there are competitors and for the UAE - this winter tour operators launched charter programs in Oman and Bahrain, the flow of tourists flying by regular flights to Qatar is growing.

In Cuba, tour operators have expanded the number of arrival points, widening the geography of tours and in the Dominican Republic.

For the first time, two leading tour operators are fully loading their own charters to the resorts of the Atlantic coast of Mexico. And for the first time, this year PEGAS Touristik operator has launched its charter program to Jamaica, which is well loaded.

The possible emergence of Egypt in the segment of outbound tourism may force tour operators to change their plans for the new destinations, focusing on the "new discovery" of Egypt. But, however, the dates of the opening of this rout are not clear for the tourist industry.