Who will become entitled for the trademark "Natalie Tours"?

On September 4 three legal entities, which sell tours and services under the brand name "Natalie Tours", officially announced the termination of tour operator activities. At the same time on July 18 this year, the next validity period of registration of the trademark “Natalie Tours” has expired.

According to the open data of Rospatent, the original trademark (service mark) and “Natalie Tours” logo were registered by the Russian Patent and Trademark Agency on January 12, 1999. The trademark owner was LLC “Natalie Tours” (Moscow), the founders were Vladimir and Natalia Vorobyovy with shares of 50% of the authorized capital.

It is interesting that originally “Natalie Tours” trademark was registered as insurance, construction, programming, etc company. In the lists related to tourism and travel this trademark did not appear. The registration period expired on 06.06.2007.

On August 29, 2016, an agreement was registered on the alienation of the exclusive right of LLC "Natalie Tours" to a trademark in respect of all goods and / or services in favor of LLC "Travel Agency "Natalie".

The agency LLC "Travel Agency "Natalie" will continue to remain the owner of the trademark Natalie Tours until 2028, unless it is liquidated. However, its value today is difficult to assess.

Observers believe that the owners have lost the opportunity to sell the rights to their trademark with any significant benefit - the reputation of the brand in both client and partner environments is now firmly associated with default and debts.

In fact, now there are three ways in which the development of events with the trademark of Natalie Tours is possible. If the current owner of LLC "Travel Agency "Natalie" as a legal entity will be liquidated, the trademark will remain "nobody's” until 2028 (before the expiration of the state registration of the trademark).

The second option is the transfer of rights to Natalie Tours trademark to any new project of Vladimir Vorobyov, if such variant will be implemented on the market. For example, to LLC "Center for Tourism "Soglasie", which is remaining in the register (New Travellers). However, observers believe, in this case the use of the "old" brand is unlikely to be commercially justified - it carries too much negative emotions itself.

The third possible option is connected with legal claims from legal entities to legal entities of "Natalie Tours". Theoretically, the owner of a trademark has the right to transfer it as security for its obligations. That is, the brand can be simply turned off for debts - if any of the creditors of "Natalie Tours" consider that this brand has any value.