What will Greece offer to Russian tourists in 2019?

Why Turkey is not a competitor of Greece on the tourist market, what kind of vacation does Greece offer in the low season and what new offers will appear on the Greek destination in 2019, told Mr. Policarp Efstathiou, the director of the Greek national tourism organization in Russia.

“This season was not easy. We are faced with many factors affecting the activity of the tourist flow: this is the ruble instability, high competition with many neighboring countries, new tourist destinations and the World Cup”.

Taking into account these factors, we estimate the season as successful, because we could keep the flow of Russian tourists at the same level as last year.

For Greece, tour operators traditionally play an important role, most of the tourist flow comes to our country with ready-made packages.

And although the share of independent tourists is gradually growing, the offers of tour operators for the resorts of Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Chalkidiki and other popular destinations are in increasing demand.

We again plan to launch advertising and support programs together with leading Russian tour operators. Workshops, joint events and online communication with the retail market will also be held in all the regions of the Russian Federation.

In 2019, we look forward to the opening of new routes and launching of direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Alexandroupolis. In addition to traditional destinations, we expect a good result from direct flights to Kavala and Chania, organized in recent years.

The figures for tourism in 2018 are already comparable to last year’s indicators. In the first nine months, our country has already been visited by 782 thousand Russian guests, which is a little more than the result of 2017.

We expect that the final figures will repeat the results of the last year with a slight increase.