Vladimir Vorobiev changed his mind about selling of Natalie Tours

The Head of Natalie Tours Vladimir Vorobiev today during the press conference said that he is ready to sell 100% of the shares of his company. However, later on the question of the journalist - in what amount does he assess its assets? - he replied that he will not sell the company.

"I had such thoughts last week, but now I have changed my mind. First: Well, who needs my company now? And secondly, we’ll better find a strategic partner who can develop business", - said the General Director of the tour operator.

Also, at a meeting with media the CEO of Natalie Tours shared financial performance of the company for recent time. The total profit of all three legal entities of the tour operator (Panorama Tour, Natalie Tours and Travel Agency Natalie) in 2017 amounted 119 million Rubles ($ 1 883 000) and the company paid VAT and insurance premiums in the amount of 109 million Rubles ($ 1 724 000). In the first quarter of 2018 the profit is estimated in 28 million Rubles ($ 443 000) and payments to various state funds - 30 million Rubles ($ 475 000). Forecast for the second quarter - a loss of 8-10 million Rubles ($ 127 000 – 158 000).

Despite this, the tour operator is sure that they will cope with all their obligations without attracting insurance and Tourist Assistance funds. And they count on the support of the market.

Observers believe that the chances of Vladimir Vorobyov to find an investor are minimal. Especially now, when the company has huge debts and vague prospects on the market.