Travel agents paid attention to the rise of prices for early booking

In professional groups in social networks travel agents discuss prices for New Year's tours. According to their observations, the cost of offers to India (Goa), Thailand and Vietnam has grown by about 30% in comparison with the last year. So, Phuket, 2 + 2 - 530 thousand Rubles ($ 8.340) – one Moscow travel agency gives an example. And in Rostov travel agency drew attention to the fact that the price of rest in 3-stars hotel in Goa for a family of four starts from 300 thousand Rubles ($ 4,722).

Travel agents suggest that by this way tour operators try to recoup for not the most successful summer season. However, in their opinion, this method is not the most successful - they lose tourists.

"The prices this year have broken all records. This destroys the very idea of ​​early booking, which tourists have become accustomed during recent years. Despite the high demand, there are no sales. Everyone expects that tour operators will react to this and lower the cost of tours", - said Irina Konfetova, the Director of Kon-Tour tourist company. According to her, against the backdrop of skyrocketing Asian destinations the Caribbean this year looks more attractive. But not everyone has money to afford a trip to Cuba or to Mexico.

If there is no demand, prices will change. Closer to the peak of the season the number of last-minute travel offers will be higher than sold by early booking program, and travel agents will again encounter the discontent of tourists who hoped to save money by paying the trip in advance. Recall, the same situation was observed this summer on a number of destinations.