Tour operators increase transportation to UAE

Create: 09/25/2018 - 15:30
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On September 4, tour operators announced about the expansion of flight programs to UAE for upcoming winter season. So, ANEX Tour will perform charter flights to Dubai from 20 cities of Russia (including Moscow) instead of 16. The company also intends to increase the frequency of flights from the capital - instead of 2 times a week, the tourists will be sent to Emirates daily. This decision the tour operator explains by increasing of the demand for the direction.

Coral Travel remained the volume of regional transportation at the level of the last year - 13 cities of departure, but a flight from Moscow to Abu Dhabi will appear.

The plans of tour operators are evaluated differently on the market. Some observers consider them justified, suggesting that the growth of the tourist flow is still possible. They refer to the data that in the first half of 2018 UAE hosted 74% of Russians more than from January to July last year. And also the statistics of sales of air tickets for New Year’s dates show that the direction for the first time is in the top countries, popular among independent tourists.

Other experts are skeptical about the idea of ​​increasing transportation to UAE. They remind us that even in the last winter season, tour operators had to reduce their programs by 40% and the direction began to "burn" in November. According to the General Director of Space Travel Company Artur Muradyan, an important indicator of demand for this winter is that the large regular carrier FlyDubai cut its volumes in the regions. Hence, the airline does not see an increase of the activity of tourists. "There are no new tourists", - he said.

His point of view is shared in Biblio-Globus Company, where the volumes of transportation to UAE are saved at the level of the last winter: the tour operator has two flights a week from Moscow and twice a week from St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.