Ellinair will transport tourists to Athens all year round

Create: 03/13/2018 - 10:59

The airline Ellinair changes seasonal flight program to all year-round one on the route Moscow - Athens. The frequency of flights will be 5 times a week. This was announced at a press conference by Alexander Tsandekidi, the CEO of Muzenides Travel Company which is the customer of the carrier's flights.

Last year, the airline performed flights 3 times a week in the summer. As the Head of the tour operator said, the airplanes were always fully filled and there are prospects for full loading even with an increased frequency of flights. The companies NTK Intourist and TUI Russia will help Mouzenidis Travel to fill the Ellinair flights from Moscow to Athens.

It should be noted that at present time Aeroflot airline (3 times per day in summer and once a day in winter) and Aegean Airlines (5 times a week in summer and 3 times a week in winter) perform regular direct flights to Athens. And only this summer the Russian national carrier has increased the frequency of flights from two to three per day.