Charters in the summer 2018 will grow in price

Create: 12/04/2017 - 13:42

Tour operators predict an increase of prices in the summer season 2018. The rise in price is also connected with an increase of the cost of charter flights.

The cost of charter transportation in the upcoming summer season can grow. Experts note two key reasons. "Over the past six months we have noted a significant increase of the cost of aviation fuel in Russia. The second factor is a certain lack of aircraft, which the market may face in the summer season", - says the CEO of Spectrum Travel Evgeniya Konkol, an expert in air transportation segment.

Recall that at the end of September this year VIM-Avia airline stopped its activity. The carrier was not a key player on the charter market, however "withdrawal from operation" of part of its 20 airliners is visible in the market.

According to Sergei Tolchin, Deputy Director of NTK Intourist tour operator, the increase of the price level is connected not so much with the "loss" of a small number of airliners, but with decrease of competition.

The limits of the increase of the price of charters will depend on the direction. For example, NTK Intourist calculated that in the summer 2017 the price of the charter tickets to Sochi from Moscow was 8-9 thousand Rubles ($ 136 – 154). Next summer the ticket already costs up to 15 thousand Rubles ($ 257). That is, the increase of prices for domestic tourist air transportation in comparison with the previous season may reach 25%.

Other experts call smaller figures. According to Dmitry Gorin, the fuel price increased by 30% for the year. "I think that the adjustment of the cost of charter transportation in the next season will be likely at the level of 10%", - the expert says.

Market participants do not exclude a certain increase in prices for tours on the background of increased prices for charter flights. According to travel companies, the share of air tickets in the total cost of the tour depends on the distance of the flight and the category of the hotel.