The charter programs of tour operators to Sri Lanka

Create: 09/25/2018 - 15:29
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The charter flight programs of tour operators to Sri Lanka start in late October. The programs were announced by two tour operators: ANEX Tour and Coral Travel.

ANEX Tour will fly to Sri Lanka from Moscow with a frequency of one time per 10/11 nights, and since December 28, 2018 a second chain has been added once in 10/11 nights. For Yekaterinburg the program starts in November, the flights will be made every 13 nights.

Coral Travel will fly to Sri Lanka by Royal Flight airline from October 25, 2018 every 11-12 days.

The main novelty of the direction in the winter season will be the direct regular flights of Aeroflot. The carrier plans to perform 5 flights a week. The flight SU286 will be performed on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, as well as on Sundays with a departure at 22.05 and arrival to the capital of the island at 09.05 of local time. The return flight SU287 to the Russian capital will be performed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with departure at 10.45 of local time and arrival to Moscow at 17.30.

Tour operators expect that the regular direct transportation will “warm up” the demand for the direction and do not plan to change their flight (including charter) plans for the season. In addition, Aeroflot provides on the direction the tour operator's tariff. Traditionally, the price of such a ticket is 20% lower than the price for which tourists can purchase tickets on web resources. Now, on the website of Aeroflot you can find tickets for flights in November from 33 thousand Rubles ($ 498).

The Aeroflot’s transportation will appear in the range of both "charter" tour operators and those companies which offer tours to the country on the basis of regular flights (PAX, Spectrum).

In the winter season tour operators will traditionally offer tourists the transportation by connecting flights of foreign airlines. It is cheaper than the price of tickets of direct flight of Aeroflot.

Thus, the tours of PAX operator are based (in addition to Aeroflot) on connecting flights of Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Emirates, etc (with every day departure, some airlines have 3 flights a day). The cost of transportation by Air Arabia starts from 28-30 thousand Rubles ($ 423 - 453), by Qatar, Emirates, Etihad - from 33 thousand Rubles ($ 460).

In Spectrum Travel operator the cost of tours have already been calculated on the basis of Fly Dubai transportation. The cost of tickets starts from 25 thousand Rubles ($ 377).