Tours to Spain became cheaper

Prices for weekly tour packages to Catalonia with a flight from Moscow in the first days of February start from 19,317 Rubles (277 Euro) for two. It's even cheaper than last week. For example, this is the price for the rest in 3-stars hotel at Costa Dorada resort from February 4. These are the results of monitoring of tour operators’ offers in online booking systems, which was conducted by the professional portal on January 31. At the same time, the cost of one seat on the board of airplane between Moscow and Barcelona for tour operators is actually twice higher.

The players of the tourist market in Spanish direction, which were interviewed by a correspondent of, note the surplus of transportation, but the volume of it they estimate in different ways. As Biblio Globus operator informed, "burning" of tours for the first ten days of February is typical for trips lasting 4 and 7 days. According to experts, this is due to the need to sell seats on return flights: it is more profitable to lower the price for a limited number of tours, rather than sending boards with some empty seats.

Natalie Tours operator regards that the volume of transportation from the capital to Barcelona is at least twice more the current market needs. As the President of the company Vladimir Vorobyov believes, the build-up of "air" is stimulated by tour operators with controlled aviation assets. It is not so easy to put to work a medium-range aircraft in the winter season and Spain is the right direction for this. Flights are organized for delivery of tourists to the ski resorts of Andorra, in addition - year-round flights allow you to “keep the place” on the route, which will be in demand in the summer season.

Observers also pay attention to one more factor which affects on the cost of tour packages to Spain: a large-scale sale of Aeroflot tickets in December. The air tickets for regular flights from Moscow to Barcelona on the February dates were actually purchased for the price less than 200 Euros. This stimulated the influx of the number of independent travelers and reduced the demand for travel packages.