The TOP 5 of most popular summer destinations for Russian tourists

“Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, Spain and Russia have become the most popular summer destinations for Russian tourists in 2018”, - said Marina Makarkova, the Head of the department for public relations of Coral Travel tour operator.

She noted that sales of Turkey increased several times in comparison with the last year. Also Tunisia hotels were booked 60% more often. At the same time, sales of Spain and Russia slightly decreased against 2017. The volumes of Greece remained at the same level.

As M. Makarkova has told, the average duration of foreign trips is 11 nights, for tours inside Russia - 10 nights.

The average check on the Turkish direction is 45 thousand Rubles ($ 782) per person, which is 9% more than last year. As for Greece the average price is 57 thousand Rubles ($ 990), as well as a year earlier. The prices for Tunisia and Spain increased by 15% and 11% and are 43 thousand ($747) and 59 thousand Rubles ($ 1024) respectively. The price for the rest in Russia will be approximately 35 thousand Rubles ($ 607) per person and this price in comparison with the last year has not changed.