A surplus of transportation is imminent on Spanish direction

The volume of regular transportation to Spanish resorts is increasing again including from St. Petersburg. So, in addition to Ural Airlines, which in the winter season 2017 began flights from the northern capital to Tenerife, S7 airlines has announced about flights to another Spanish resort.

According to the press service of the airline, the flight program from Pulkovo airport to Alicante will be launched from April 28 once a week. During the summer holidays - from the beginning of June till the end of September - the number of flights on the route will double. The flights will be carried out by Airbus A319. The tickets are sold now at a price of 16 thousand Rubles (230 Euros) one way.

According to statistics, Alicante became one of the most growing international destinations for tourists from Russia in the summer 2017.

However, the experts are not in a hurry to make any conclusions about the occupancy of the new flight. According to them, on the direction there may be a surplus of transportation – the volume of transportation now is quite enough to Alicante both from Moscow and from St. Petersburg. And taking into account that the province is not quite popular among Russian tourists, two frequencies from the Northern capital may be too much. Moreover, according to the Head of the charter department of Time-tour tour operator Alexander Skalin, Alicante has become a regular direction for the last two or three years and the airlines which fly there do not intend to cooperate with tour operators.

Observers pay attention to the fact that transportation is growing to other resorts in Spain. So, since January 7, 2018 Azur Air began to fly more often to Barcelona - another one flight was added to the existing two flights.