"Sletat.ru" changes the order of tour’s displaying

The search service “Sletat.ru” decided to change the order of displaying the results when you request tours to the Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius: the first lines will show the offers of tour operators which included transfers in the price of tours.

The company came to understand that on these island destinations this service is an obligatory part of transportation and its exclusion from the total cost of the tourist product violates the industry law. On August 31, the aggregator sent a letter to tour operators requesting them to include transfer into price within three days. Earlier, the general director of Pantheon tour operator Anatoly Garkushin drew the attention of “Sletat.ru” to this problem.

“The cost of transfer on the Maldives reaches up to $ 500 per person, which is a significant part of the price of a tour. Many tour operators put it in additional payment or do not indicate at all, misinforming customers and, in such a way, are situated on the first lines of the search engine. We have been discussing this issue with the representatives of “Sletat.ru” for about a month and are very glad that they have taken such measures”, says Anatoly Garkushin.

At the same time, he noted that a number of problems remained in search engines concerning expensive island destinations. In particular, some players do not include daily tourist tax in hotels into tour price. There are also manipulations with the number of overnight stays: some indicate the price for days, taking into account the flight, while others deduct it, and it turns out that the trip for eight nights costs the same as six ones.

Evgeny Danilovich, director of Sletat.ru management company, said that the company will continue to correct such shortcomings. In 2018–2019, it is planned to launch a new search engine, which will solve the problems of “relevance and purity of tours”. For example, quickly remove the sold offers.