The situation around Natalie Tours tour operator

Online aggregators and travel agencies’ networks, which refused to sell the tourist product of Natalie Tours operator (due to the promo action of the tour operator, which offered a 10% discount to individual tourists), are waiting for the reaction of the Head of the company Vladimir Vorobyov. Market participants said that they are ready to make their boycott termless, if the supplier does not meet their demand.

According to Vladimir Vorobyov, the company is ready to discuss new terms of cooperation with online agencies. But as the volume of sales, which they have, is not significant, the boycott doesn’t seriously threaten the tour operator. Natalie Tours operator is interested in cooperation primarily with those distributors which contribution in sales of the product is a lot. It seems that the tour operator is ready to make changes of its agency’s policy for them.

“Quadra and TBS Group are among our key partners. We will discuss with them how they can provide a product for customers equal to the prices of the tour operator without giving discounts”, - said the Head of the company.

In general, the President of Natalie Tours appreciated the counter action of the distributors as a positive trend on the retail market. "Perhaps, the second time we are seeing some kind of attempt for consolidation. If this situation develops further, the initiative group will allow the agency’s market to build competently the industry's struggle against discounts, promo-tariffs and so on ... If their actions lead to positive changes on the market, we will only support it", - added Vladimir Vorobyov.