Russian tourists spent $ 31 billion abroad in 2017

“Russian tourists spent $ 31 billion abroad in 2017, which is 13% or $ 7 billion more than a year earlier”, - reported the World Tourism Organization.
Russia rose from the 11-th to the 8-th line in the ranking of countries whose tourists spend the most money abroad, ahead of South Korea and Italy.
The leaders of the TOP 10 in spending became China ($ 258 billion) and the US ($ 135 billion). Tourists from China increased spending by 5% or $ 8 billion against 2016. American tourists spent abroad 9% or $ 12 billion more in 2017 than a year earlier. Expenses of tourists from Germany and Great Britain abroad increased by 3%, and from France - by 1%. Austria took the sixth line - its increase was 7%, and the expenditure of tourists from Canada increased by 9%.
In addition, the cost of international tourism also increased significantly in Sweden (14%) and Spain (12%).
In addition to Russia, among the BRICS countries the tourists from Brazil and India spent a lot of money. They took the 16-th and 17-th places in the second ten countries. Brazil increased its rate by 20% - in 2017 tourists from this country spent $ 19 billion abroad. Tourists from India spent $ 18 billion, which is 9% more than a year ago.