Russian tourists in 2017 spent more than a billion Euros in Catalonia

“Russian tourists spent 1 billion 119 million Euros in Catalonia in 2017 and tourist flow from Russia to the Spanish region grew by 24%”, - said the Director of the tourism agency of Catalonia Octavi Bono.

"Catalonia in 2017 hosted 19 million foreign tourists who spent 19.15 billion Euros. The Russian tourist flow was a significant part of the foreign tourist flow - the total number of tourists from Russia in 2017 reached 698 thousand people. This is a very significant increase in comparison with 2016 - by 24%. The expenditure of Russians in Catalonia amounted 1 billion 119 million Euros", - added the Director.

O. Bono stressed that not only the number of tourists is growing, but also the money that they leave in the region. So, in 2017 the foreign tourist flow grew by 5% and the tourists’ spending in Catalonia increased by 9.7%.

"Catalonia remains the leading direction for the Russian market in Spain hosting more than 60% of the total flow of Russian tourists in Spain. The Russian airlines announced an increase by 13%, of the flight program to Catalonia for the summer season 2018", - stressed the Director of the tourism agency of the region.