Russia extradites Greek diplomats

The Russian Foreign Ministry did not ignore the situation when in July the Greek authorities announced the extradition of two Russian diplomats "due to interference in internal affairs". On Monday, August 6, the Foreign Ministry was informed about mirror measures in response to the "unfriendly actions of Athens".

The tourist market was watchful of the news. However, its participants do not expect any global changes in relations between the two countries in the near future. Moreover, the scale of the conflict allows us to assume that the extradition of diplomats is unlikely to affect the process of issuing visas necessary for visiting Greece, as it was after the deterioration of relations between Russian Federation and Great Britain.

Later it became known that Moscow banned visiting the country to the Head of the political bureau of the Greek Foreign Ministry and extradited the Sales Representative and an employee of the press and communications department of the embassy of that country in Russia. "I believe that this will end the whole diplomatic scandal. No one is interested in the escalation of the conflict", - said Vitaly Stamatov, the General Director of Ambotis Holidays Russia.