2018 - Sales in October

Create: 11/06/2018 - 16:52

Here is the statistics of October sales of one of the biggest networks of travel agencies MGP (Magazin Goryaschikh Putevok, lit. Store of Last Minute Tours). Based on reliable data about sales of all agencies of MGP, the sales index is calculating, reflecting activity on the tourism market in Russia. The Index is formed from the average number of tours sold by MGP agencies over the past two weeks and takes into account the duration of the trip and the number of tourists. For a reference point, 1 January 2013 is taken, equating to the value of the Index on that day to 100 points. The index of MGP is calculated every day and published at midnight.
MGP, one of the biggest network of travel agencies in Russia, has introduced the new weekly report Average Check which is the basic indicator of consumer activity and price trends on the travel market.

The main thing about the new "average check" report is that it is not an abstract average price per tourist per destination, but real data about tours, grouped by countries and number of tourists in a tour: single travelers, couples and families with 1 or 2 children. Information is updated every week. The lowest prices are market in green, the highest - in red, so it is easy to understand which destination was the most expensive this week for family holidays or for simgle travelers. MGP has 420 offices in its network, and 380 of them work through united booking center of MGP, which data are used for sales index. So, theseare more relevant data, since they are collecting each day from each sale of each MGP agency in Russia. The most comprehensive sales report in Russia.