Petersburg tour operator Aurora BG abolished charter programs to Bulgaria and Montenegro

“St. Petersburg tour operator Aurora BG has canceled charter programs to Bulgaria and Montenegro since July 2”, - reports the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

"Aurora BG tour operator on June 30 said in the official letter to its retail partners about the suspension of summer flight charter programs to Bulgaria and Montenegro starting July 2, 2018. As for Bulgaria, the company explains its decision "by a significant change in the cost of charter transportation to Bulgaria, which led to low financial indicators of this direction". The reasons for refusing the program for Montenegro in the message of the tour operator are not given", - the report said.

According to ATOR, the company promised its partners to take out tourists who are abroad and fulfill obligations under the programs of children's recreation in the health camps of Bulgaria, Montenegro and Turkey.

As previously reported, Aurora BG until March 2018 belonged to the owners of the St. Petersburg tour operator Matryoshka Tour, who sold it to pay tourists after the abolition of winter programs in China, Israel and Bulgaria. Then Matryoshka itself announced on June 22 about the termination of tour operator activity in connection with the inability to fulfill obligations to tourists.

According to Rosturizm, "Aurora BG" is included in the single federal register of tour operators. Its financial responsibility is insured for 10 million Rubles ($ 158 000) in insurance company "Yakor". The contract expires on July 13, 2018. On July 14, another liability insurance agreement with INCOR Insurance also comes into effect on 10 million Rubles and it is valid until July 13, 2019.

As it was suggested in ATOR, to cancel the programs of the tour operator forced the extremely difficult season of 2018, during which tour operators were faced with low demand. On Friday, June 28, Natalie Tours operator reported on the reduction of charter programs to Italy, Spain, Turkey and Greece.