Passenger ferries will go during World Cup days from Polish Gdansk to Kaliningrad region

“Polish shipping company Gdansk Shipping plans to arrange a ferry service with Kaliningrad region to deliver fans to the World Cup in Kaliningrad”, - reports Gazeta Wyborcza.

During the days of the World Cup a large number of fans from Poland and other EU countries will be in Gdansk. The shipping company offers them a sea route to Kaliningrad on the days of the games. For a couple of hours fans can get from Gdansk to Baltiysk by ferry-catamaran and then by charter bus or train - to Kaliningrad.

In Kaliningrad, as it was reported - fans, guests and participants of the World Cup 2018will arrive through all 13 border checkpoints, including eight automobile, three railway, as well as sea and air. It is expected that during the period of the matches the flow through the checkpoints will increase by almost 4 times.

The main stream of fans is expected on the Polish direction.

In Kaliningrad will be four meetings during the World Cup 2018: on June 16 - Nigeria will play with Croatia, on the 22nd - Serbia and Switzerland, on the 25th - Spain with Morocco and on the 28th – the Great Britain with Belgium.

Stadium for WC-2018 in Kaliningrad is designed for 35 thousand spectators.