The number of Russians who spent holidays abroad decreased in summer-2018

Last summer, the number of Russians who spent holidays abroad decreased. This conclusion follows from the results of an enquiry published by All-Russian Center for Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) on September 26. According to VTsIOM, the enquiry was conducted among 1,600 respondents living in 80 regions of Russian Federation.

Only 6% of Russians could spend vacations in other countries, which is 1% less than last year. These data confirm the tendency of reducing the number of tourists who allow themselves to travel abroad. In addition, the results of the summer season were influenced by the World Cup- 2018.

The spending of Russians for foreign holidays also decreased. In the calculation for one family member, the budget of abroad trip amounted an average 37,179 Rubles (483 Euros), whereas in 2017 this indicator reached 37,363 Rubles (485 Euros). The participants of the tourist market confirm that this season the customers saved as they could: they reduced the duration of the trip, chose hotels more cheaply and refused excursions.

It is interesting that the gap between the numbers of rested on the shores of the Black Sea last summer and in the season-2017 is even greater. So, this year only 9% of respondents could afford to spend their vacation on the Black Sea coast (against 17% in the past). Of these, 6% chose Krasnodar region (in the summer of 2017, this number was 11%) and the Crimea - only 3% (two fold less than last year). Observers estimate that the Russians' decisions about trips were affected by the unstable economic situation - a year ago the ruble exchange rate was more stable, and during this time the real incomes of the population decreased.

Most respondents, like last summer, spent their vacations at home (32%). On the second most popular place is a rest at country cottage (26%) and every tenth respondent (10%) visited one of the regions of Russia during holidays.