The number of bus tours to Europe among Russians decreased this year

“The demand for bus tours to Europe among Russians fell in some companies by 20% in comparison with the last year”, - said the Press-secretary of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Irina Turina, citing to market participants.

According to her, the segment of bus tours this year is experiencing the same problems as whole tourism industry - the overall economic situation in the country, the increasing of exchange rates and deferred demand in connection with the World Cup are affecting sales.

“In Danko company the decrease of bus segment is around 20%, as well as the demand for tours to Europe as a whole. In Turtrans Voyage company bus tours now are booked at last year's level and a year ago they were sold with growth against 2016. At the same time, the planned growth of sales this year did not take place - the tour operator was forced to review the plans and reduce the number of bus tours by 15%", - noted I. Tyurina.

At the same time, some market participants say about the growth of sales of bus tours. So, in Old Town company, it reaches 20%, primarily due to the novelties of the season: every year the operator offers about ten new bus routes.

In Anchor company the most economical option - short trips with budget accommodation - are now in demand. The cost of a weekly tour along several countries is about 20-25 thousand Rubles (273-340 Euros).