Official Statement of Ministry of Tourism

Situation with Intrevel Stoleshniki tour operator

The Head of charter airline connected with the founder of Tez Tour was arrested

The most popular destinations for Russians with children

About 90% of Spanish visas issued to Russians in 2017 are multiple

A level of hotel’s loading in the cities-organizers of the FIFA 2018 World Cup is record-breaking

Petersburg tour operator Aurora BG abolished charter programs to Bulgaria and Montenegro

The Head of Natalie Tours gathered a press conference

Vladimir Vorobiev changed his mind about selling of Natalie Tours

Incoming tourist partner of Natalie Tours in Spain stopped cooperation with the tour operator

DSBW-Tours terminates tour operator activities

Natalie Tours cancels all charter flights from June 30

Natalie Tours guaranteed fulfillment of obligations

The number of Russians planning a vacation abroad has decreased over the year up to 4%

Large tour operator is bent on its own flights to Oman

Passenger ferries will go during World Cup days from Polish Gdansk to Kaliningrad region

AVIAREPS Company is appointed as PR-representative of the Tourism Authority of Slovenia in Russia

Russian tourists spent $ 31 billion abroad in 2017

Russia finishes preparations for the World Cup 2018

Costa Rica has become visa-free for Russian tourists