Newcomer OTDYKH 2018: Palestine, the land of miracles

With a history that goes back more than one million years, Palestine has played an important role in human civilization. As the crossroads of prehistoric cultures, it is where developed a settled society, the alphabet, religion, and literature and would become a meeting place for diverse cultures and ideas that shaped the world we know today.

If the knowledge of the common past helps to the best understanding of today world, that’s why tourist to Palestine growths every year. Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced that arrivals increased by over 350,000 foreign visitors reaching slightly over 2.7 million. More importantly, overnight stays also increased during the same period with Palestinian hotels registering over 1.7 million overnight stays. The top three source markets were Russia, USA and Romania. Other traditional source markets such as Germany and Italy were also among the top 10, along with new fast emerging markets such as India, Ukraine and China.

Participation in OTDYKH Leisure 2018 aims to promote a better knowledge of the destination, showing the rich and diverse past, abundant cultural heritage and archaeological and religious sites of Palestine, including the birthplace of Jesus Christ, which make it a unique center of world history. In advance of the show, the task of reviewing all this history in the space of an article will be impossible; however we will try to give the readers the most important points of interest.

For Palestinians, this cultural diversity is viewed as a source of wealth, and each part of the million years of settled life plays a part in the wider human heritage. This past makes up a large part of the contemporary Palestinian philosophy of sustainable development, which seeks to keep active the cultural identity of the Palestinian people.

Visitors will encounter myriad religious, historical, and archaeological sites. But also offers walks and hikes in its extensive valleys, along coasts and desert hills, towns and ancient marketplaces at cities and villages nestled in breathtaking landscapes. Tourists will enjoy Palestine’s sumptuous cuisine and, most important, feel the warmth and hospitality of their people, Christians and Muslims alike, who will share with them the hopes and aspirations of a nation in the process of rebuilding. With its million years of human history and welcoming people, visitors sense the warm feeling of being at home.