Natalie Tours cancels all charter flights from June 30

Tour operator Natalie Tours notified travel agents about cancellation of paid tours, formed on the basis of charter flights in the directions: Barcelona, ​​Rimini, Catania, Naples, Antalya, Heraklion. The corresponding information was received by retail dealers on Friday evening, June 29. "Due to low financial performance of charter programs in the directions: Barcelona, ​​Rimini, Catania, Naples, Antalya, Heraklion a special decision was made to reduce the number of flights since June 30, 2018. The programs on the basis of regular transportation are carried out without changes", - the tour operator informed.

This was reported by the Sales Manager of the tourist company Hit-Travel Ekaterina Shalashova. According to her, the money paid for tours, Natalie Tours promises to return in 100% of the amount. "But when - remains a mystery", - she added.

At this time, this information is not available on the web-site of the supplier of travel services. Recall, the day before, in connection with the appeals, received within several days, the association Tourist Assistance organized a working meeting with the management of the tour operator. As part of the event, the Director of the association, Alexander Osaulenko, discussed with the President of Natalie Tours Vladimir Vorobyov the issues of financial stability and operating activities of the Group of companies. Vladimir Vorobiev assured that Natalie Tours is able to fulfill its obligations for travel companies and tourists and guaranteed that all services purchased by the clients of the Group of companies will be provided on time and in full.

After today's letter of the supplier, on the web-site of Tourist Assistance was published a message that the representatives of the tour operator confirmed the fulfillment of all obligations. "All the issues of the current tours are decided in the working regime", - noted the representative of the association.