Which destinations will Coral Travel promote this summer?

Create: 04/05/2018 - 11:08

In the summer season of 2018 Coral Travel will significantly expand the flight programs in four directions and increase the proportion of hotels with guaranteed quotas of rooms - in a number of countries - up to 94%.

According to the company's data, in 2017 the total sales of package tours made by Coral Travel tour operator in Russia and abroad increased by 81% in comparison with 2016.

At the same time, such destinations as Greece, Spain, India and Tunisia showed a slight decrease in 2017 against the previous year. As for Tunisia, Greece and India, however, the indicators of 2017 in any case exceeded the indicators of 2015.

As of the beginning of March, the increase of the volume of early booking of Coral Travel tours amounted 73% in comparison with the same period of 2016 in all the directions. The leaders of the early booking program are Turkey (+ 141%) and Tunisia (+ 77%).

The similar figures for early booking has Sunmar tour operator: the total growth of early booking as of the beginning of March is 192% for Turkey, for Tunisia - 107%. The TOP 3 for this summer also includes Greece with 15% growth in comparison with the last year's volumes.

As for transportation to the directions with guaranteed rooms in hotels, this summer in Turkey and Greece 94% of the total volume of air transportation of Coral Travel is provided by guaranteed hotel rooms.

In the summer season 2018 the range of Coral Travel, according to the latest data of the company, consists of 38 countries and 90 destinations. Totally, in all these directions the operator will fly from 47 Russian cities.

The flight program to Turkey is significantly expanded against the last year. So, to Antalya the tour operator will fly from 41 Russian cities (+4 than a year ago), from 10 cities to Dalaman (+3), from 6 cities to Bodrum.

The range of company’s Greece destinations includes islands of the country. To Crete this summer Coral Travel will fly from 15 cities of Russia, to Rhodes - from 7, to Corfu and Kos - only from Moscow.

The hotel’s base of the tour operator in this summer season on Greek islands consists of 660 hotels of all categories (94% with guaranteed blocks). In Greece, as in Turkey, the tour operator has own incoming company.

In Tunisia Coral Travel will fly to Monastir from 15 cities of Russia, to Djerba Island - from 10 cities (+ 3 than in summer 2017), to Enfid the flights will be only from the capital.

In the summer 2018 the tour operator offers 122 hotels in Tunisia, 105 of them - with guaranteed blocks and 3 - on an exclusive basis.