Specialized programme at the travel exhibition UITM-2018

Create: 10/08/2018 - 16:55
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Specialized programme at the travel exhibition UITM-2018, 04.10.2018, 10.15-14.00, Conference-hall 7, pavilion 2

Roundtable discussion
  • «Creation of network of Greenways on the territory of Ternopil Prydnisterya», Nazar Yavorivsky, tourism adviser  of Ternopil regional state administration (Ternopil region)
  •  «Nature-protected object as the basis of tourist destination». Mykhailo Kovtun, OKP «Dnistrovsky regional landscape park named after Sergey Didich» (Ivano-Frankivsk region)
  • «Cooperation between communities for development of agritourism potential of Ternopil Podnistrovya». Andriy Martyshko, programme specialist of DOBRE Programme (Ternopil region)
  • «Development of agroecological cluster «GorboGory». Anton Milchevych, head of EO «Agrotourism cluster «GorboGory» (Lviv region)
  • «Frumushyka-Nova, as a driver of regional development». Olexandr Palriev, head of EО «Agroecotourism cluster «Frumushyka-Nova» (Odesa region)
  • «VyGoda - LifeStyle: green routs of Western Gorgany». Oksana Fedorovych, head of Travel Association of Ivano-Frankivsk region, Lada Malaniy, marketing expert of Travel Association of Ivano-Frankivsk region (Ivano-Frankivsk region)
  • «Honey Circle – route planner of region development». Yury Sulzhuk, deputy of the settlement head of Goscha village, Yaroslava Gavrilova, Department for culture and tourism of Rivne regional state administration (Rivne region)
  • Tourism «Valley of Two Rivers». Roman Ivanenko, Bobrytsky Foundation «Rozvytok I blagoustriy/ Development and improvement» (Kyiv region)
  • «Apple Path» - non-standard regional tourist product of Vinnytsya region». Oleg Levchenko, director of Vinnytsia department of CRMC (Vinnytsia region)
  • «Travel to Chernihiv Polissya». Rostyslav Polyschvayko, tourism specialist of nature partk «Beremytske» (Chernihiv region)
  • «Tourism cluster «Teteriv». Andriy Schelestuk, Zhytomyr Tourism (Zhytomyr region)
  • «Salty Road» - tourist way from the center of Kherson region to sea». Pavlo Yarmiy, ARR of Tavrida association of territorial communities (Kherson region)
Event is aimed for representatives of tourism business, united territorial communities, entrepreneurs, owners of rural homesteads, heads of local tourism departments, representatives of national parks and other institutions of the NRF, public activists and all interested parties.
Moderators: Sergiy Pidmihylny (Ukrainian adventure and ecotourism association), Olexander Bursanov (Tourism Partnership «Carpathian Stezhky» (Carpathian Paths).