RossTour will announce the termination of the tour operator’s activity

Create: 10/09/2018 - 15:19
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RossTour Company plans to complete the work of the tour operator but continue to play as tourist agency. This was announced by the company's general director Alexander Nedopolts.

According to the head of RossTour, the company plans to announce the termination of the tour operator’s activity on Friday, October 5, or Monday, October 8. Now the company is engaged in the analysis of legal formalities.

An official statement, according to the company's general director, is necessary for RossTour to activate the financing contingency mechanism (the company worked mainly as a booking center). All the data, available at the moment, says that RossTour performed tours, formed by other tour operators.

This is confirmed by tourists themselves, who published scans of contracts in social networks, and by travel agents.

The tourist and insurance players have serious doubts that the share of RossTour's own tourist product has at least a significant part of its volume of sales. And this is very important.

According to Mr. Nedopolts, after completing the work as tour operator, RossTour plans to save the agent’s sphere. The company has its offices. Air ticket offices can also continue to operate. Earlier, RossTour has already informed its partners that the air ticket offices are included in a separate legal entity - LLC RT-Center.