Resorts of southern Russia reduce prices for summer holidays

Create: 04/13/2018 - 11:35

In 2018 the accommodation facilities of the Crimea, Krasnodar Territory, as well as Abkhazia did not raise prices. On the contrary, some hotels reduced the cost of accommodation up to 20%. This affected the average cost of tours, but the forecasts for an organized tourist flow for this season are not very bright.

Last year became unsuccessful for many hoteliers working in the Russian south and Abkhazia. While foreign destinations became cheaper for Russians in 2017 (against the background of strengthening of Ruble against Euro and Dollar), domestic accommodation facilities raised prices up to 30%.

"Hoteliers’ expectations of the relative growth of the guest flow in 2017 were not confirmed. The opening of the Turkish direction also acted against this tendency. As a result, the loading of many hotels and sanatoriums in the South of Russia has fallen dramatically", - say the representative of the company "National Tour Operator "ALEAN". According to tour operators, the domestic tourist flow decreased by about 10% last year.

This year, most accommodation facilities at the resorts of South of Russia did not increase cost for the season 2018, and many of them even reduced prices. Tour operators are unanimous in this assessment.

On average, the price reduction in the Crimea, Abkhazia and Krasnodar Territory amounted 4 -7%. There are hotels that have raised prices. "But the number of such hotels is not more than 5%", - noted in the National Tour Operator ALEAN.

According to the forecasts of Mr. Topolkaraev from NTK Intourist, the average cost of 10 days abroad vacation this summer, taking into account the flight and accommodation, will be about 42 thousand Rubles per person. A package tour to Russian resorts for 10 days will cost about 27-29 thousand Rubles per person.