Raduga Travel tour operator announces termination of activities

Create: 06/13/2018 - 11:05

“Raduga Travel tour operator announced the termination of activities due to the inability to fulfill its obligations under contracts for the sale of tourist products”, - it follows from a notice published on the company's website.

The press service of Rosturizm reported that according to information received from the tour operator Raduga Travel, since June 11 departures of tourists to the places of rest will not be made. The last airplane flew from Moscow on June 10, tourists have no problems with accommodation. Those tourists who are abroad are provided with return air tickets and most of them will return to the territory of Russia until June 17, 2018.

"However, in case of problems with return flights, as well as with non-accommodation / check out from hotels, tourists have the right to receive emergency assistance in accordance with the established procedure, for which it is necessary to apply to the Association "Tourist assistance", - reported in the department.

Civil liability of LLC "Raduga Travel Center" for non-fulfillment of obligations under the contract for the sale of tourist products is insured for a total sum of 100 million Rubles in insurance organizations JSC "Investstrakh" and LLC "Orbita".