Pegasus Touristik will fly to Mexico in summer

Create: 05/19/2018 - 17:34

Pegasus Touristik tour operator extends the flight program to Cancun for the summer season. The operator plans to fly from Moscow to this resort twice a week in the summer 2018.
The flights to Cancun for PEGAS Touristik will be performed by Nordwind by Boeing 777-200 liners with a capacity of 285 seats (business / economy classes).
The General Director of PEGAS Touristik Anna Podgornaya said that the company plans to sell all the flights independently.
According to the calculations of the tour operator, high demand of Turkish destination in the summer will not interfere with sales of Mexico resort. "The direction has its own audience. Demand for Mexico is high", - emphasized Anna Podgornaya.
The travel agents also believe that flights will be in demand. "Mexico is the most interesting and returnable direction in the Caribbean region. There will be a full load of flights if the prices are adequate. The flight by a comfortable plane with a business class is a good offer on the market", - said Svetlana Oboyanskaya the Head of OCA tour agency (Berezniki).
The current flight program of PEGAS Touristik to Mexico in the winter season is carried out each 10 day. Since April the frequency of flights should be reduced to one flight every 12 days.
Recall that from the middle of February PEGAS Touristik is one and only tour operator with its own flight program to Mexico.
Earlier the flights there were also performed by Rossia airline (for Biblio Globus and ANEX Tour operators) and by AZUR Air for ANEX Tour (with refueling in Dominican Republic).