Matreshka Tour plans to start payments this week

Create: 04/04/2018 - 12:18

Matreshka Tour operator is selling off assets for making payments to tourists, whose tours were canceled in the winter season. The tour operator Aurora BG has been sold, negotiations are underway to sell the retail network.

On Friday it became known that the St. Petersburg company Aurora BG changed the owner. The new owner of the tour operator, specializing on tours to Bulgaria, became Kolchina Ekaterina. She is also the General Director of the company.

In the list of countries which are the directions of the tour operator are Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Malta, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. According to the company, in autumn and winter it will also come into the markets of Southeast Asia and Oceania, as well as the Middle East and Africa.

Earlier, Aurora BG was an asset of Matreshka Tour company. In December last year the tour operator faced the need to close the Hainan route because of the failure of the slot which should be provided by Chinese air authorities for the flights consolidated by Pearl River tour operator. Later Matreshka Tour closed a number of other programs. The tour operator planned to return funds to tourists who earlier bought tours.

In March the tour operator sold its asset - the company Aurora BG - for the purpose of making subsequent payments.

“Aurora BG we bought to develop the direction of Bulgaria. Since we are not going to close we are selling now various assets", - the company explained. It is planned that payments will begin on Tuesday, April 3.

In addition to Aurora the retail network of the tour operator Matreshka Tour is on the sale now: the company has six sales offices. The tour operator Matreshka-Tour continues its activity. All the money received from the transactions is planned for paying off the debts. The company does not report what part of the debt will be repaid after the sale of assets.

It is reported that in the summer season the company will offer tourists beach destinations. Cyprus, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Georgia and Israel are represented in the assortment of the company in the summer season. Since March 11 Matreshka Tour performs flights to Uvda (Eilat) by Ural Airlines.