In 2018 TUI Russia plans to send 650 thousand tourists to rest

Create: 05/24/2018 - 13:38

“TUI Russia tour operator plans to send 650 thousand Russian tourists to rest in the summer season of 2018”, - said the representative of the company.
"This year we offer the rest for tourists from Russia in more than 30 countries, against 17 countries last year. And the flight program is also expanding: this year the company offers flights from 12 Russian cities, next year it is planned to expand the list up to 22 cities", - he said.
According to the representative, the company plans to send 650 thousand tourists from Russia to the rest until the end of the summer season of this year.
By 2022 TUI tour operator plans to increase the flight program up to 44 cities in Russia, to serve more than 3 million people and occupy about 50% of the market. The company has a goal to double its volume each year.
In 2019 the tour operator plans the creation of its own airline.