The market is discussing the restart of Natalie Tours booking system

The tour market has information about the start of the project NewTravelers, previously owned to Natalie Tours Company. This news is discussed in the professional group "Country of Tourism" on Facebook. On September 28, Georgy Komarovsky, the director of the travel company Travel Factory, asked his colleagues - do they miss Nateknia (Natalie Tours booking system)? And he said that he already has a password and login to access it on NewTravelers website.

Recall, the president of the tour operator (which left the market), Vladimir Vorobyov found a buyer for legal entity remaining in the federal register - Soglasie Tourism Center LLC. At the moment, it is known that Ksenia Mostovskaya has become a founder. Judging the information from the registry, the official website of the tour operator is

Now it has an announcement that the project is in the process of development. According to Georgy Komarovsky, Nateknia will start working next week. While offers are not loaded into the system. At the moment, it is known that tour packages will be offered on the basis of regular flights. The travel agent refused to disclose the names of inside sources. But he added that about 20 former employees of Natalie Tours now are working for the new owner.

Judging by the comments of travel agents in social networks, they are ready to book a tour product of a new tour operator, even despite its connection with Natalie Tours. “I and many of my other colleagues consider Nateknia as a really good booking system. Previously, Natalie Tours invested a lot of money in it. If the interface of the system remains the same, then the agents will work with it exactly.