Russia Public Holidays 2018

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The certain rule is accepted in the Russian Federation government - in case the holiday falls on weekend, then the holiday is shifted on a weekday. For this reason many Russians use these "long" holidays for small trips, especially it concerns New Year and May holidays. It should be noted that in Russia religious holidays are not the state ones (only one exception - Orthodox Christmas). This is explained by the fact that there are many confessions in Russia.




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1 Jan to 5 Jan

Mon to Fri

New Year Holidays. New Year Holidays in Russia lasts for over a week, beginning on New Year’s Eve and spanning beyond Orthodox Christmas on January 7th. It is an intense time of festivity in Russia, and a welcome break during the cold, dark days of a Russian winter.

Your partners in Russia will be pleased to receive your congratulations with New Year, a greeting letter or a small gift (for example - a cake or a box of chocolates).

7 Jan


Orthodox Christmas Day. A large majority of Russia’s 140 million people identify as members of the Russian Orthodox Church, which calculates the date of Christmas based on the Julian Calendar instead of the Gregorian Calendar used in the West.


8 Jan


Orthodox Christmas Day.


23 Feb


Defender of Fatherland Day. Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia occurs on February 23rd each year. On this day the men receive recognition with exciting celebrations and parades, as well as small gifts from the women in their lives.


8 Mar


International Women's Day. Women’s Day is similar to Mother’s Day in the United States. The holiday is celebrated on March 8 each year. On this day the women receive congratulations and gifts from men.

This is one of the favorite holidays in Russia. In tourism mostly women work and it will be right to congratulate female colleagues or send a postcard to the offices of tour operators and travel agencies.

9 Mar


International Women's Day.


18 Mar


Presidential Election Day


30 Apr


Spring and Labour Day.


1 May


Spring and Labour Day. Spring and Labour Day in Russia is a celebration of spring and a time of parades and celebrations. It is a time for giving fresh flowers, typically lilacs or tulips, to womenfolk, and a time to give out colourful balloons and ice cream to children.


2 May


Spring and Labour Day


9 May


Victory Day. Every May 9th is Victory Day in Russia, On this day Russia celebrates the Victory over fascist Germany in 1945. Military parades and the people's procession "Immortal Regiment" are held in various cities and towns of the country.


11 Jun


Day of Russia. Russia Day commemorates the fall of the Soviet Union and the establishment of the democratic government of the Russian Federation.


12 Jun


Day of Russia


4 Nov


National Unity Day. National Unity Day in Russia falls on every November 4th, which is the anniversary of a 17th-Century Russian uprising against Polish and Lithuanian occupation forces.


5 Nov


National Unity Day


31 Dec


New Year Holidays