Large tour operator is bent on its own flights to Oman

Nordwind airline received permits for flights from Moscow to Oman. The corresponding order is published on the website of the Federal Air Transport Agency on May 28.

The carrier is going to fly to Salalu - the second largest city of the Sultanate - with a frequency of two times a week. The flights are planned to launch in the upcoming winter season, they will compete with Oman Air flights, which will start on October 28.

As Alexander Sukhorukov the Director of marketing of Nordwind told, the new flights will be used exclusively for the needs of Pegas Touristik tour operator. “Oman will not become a regular destination - there is practically no business traffic there. Probably, the tour operator considered that visa on arrival is sufficient reason to start flights on a new direction. Earlier even our airline employees received visas to Oman from the fifth attempt, now there is a lot of progress that can stimulate tourist flow to this country", - he explained.

According to Anna Pidgornaya the General Director of Pegasus LLC, the range of tours will include all price categories - both budgetary and for the needs of individual tourists. Details about the flight program have not been disclosed.

According to experts, the hotel base of Salalah city is sufficient - even for the frequency of twice a week. As the CEO of Space Travel tour operator Arthur Muradyan said, “taking into account the potential support of flights with tourists by Sultanate, most likely the company will be able to form tour packages at affordable prices. According to my estimates, the ticket price should not exceed 350 dollars. If it happens, Oman direction will be successful. There are a lot to see. Moreover, Pegasus has repeatedly showed that the company knows how to enter on the not so popular direction and successfully develop it, as, for example, it was with Jordan", - the expert said.

However, not everyone shares his point of view. According to a number of observers, it will not be easy to load two planes a week on such absolutely new direction – it requires serious spending on promotion. In this regard, it is likely that in the winter season the tour operator will leave only one flight of two.