Laos and Grenada cancel visas for Russian tourists

Russia cancels visa formalities with Grenada and Laos. It was reported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation. According to the press service of the diplomatic mission, the previously signed intergovernmental agreement with Grenada will come into force on December 24, 2017 and with Laos People's Democratic Republic - since December 2.

"Citizens of Russian Federation and citizens of Grenada, who own valid passports, can enter, leave, follow transit and stay on the territory of another state without visas for up to 90 calendar days", - said the official website of the Foreign Ministry.

The same procedure, but with a shorter period of temporary stay - up to 30 days (previously it was 15 days) - is also stipulated in the agreement with the government of Laos. "Citizens of both countries can cross the border without a visa, if such stay is not intended to carry out work, study or permanent residence", - the Russian Foreign Ministry informed.