Ingosstrakh calculated the amount of insurance payments for Natalie Tours clients

The insurance company Ingosstrakh received claims from 19,666 tourists of Natalie Tours operator for total amount of 1 billion 35 million 753.8 thousand Rubles (13 million 620 thousand Euros). According to the insurance company, only clients of the legal entity “Travel Agency- Natalie” will be able to return all the money for the tour. The size of the stated requirements from Panorama Tour LLC and Natalie Tours Tour Operator LLC, as expected, exceeded the amount of their financial provision.

Thus, Panorama Tour has more than 1 billion 18 million Rubles (13 million 386 thousand Euros) of loss (the limit of insurance of a legal entity is 50 million rubles). The coefficient of payments will be - 0,049. LLC Natalie Tours Tour Operator has claims amounting up to more than 5 million Rubles (65,745 Euros). The coefficient of payments is 0.09.

From October 3, Ingosstrakh starts making transfers of insurance indemnities calculated using the specified coefficients.

Recall, that when the amount of financial assurance will be exhausted, the victims will be able to apply to Tourist Assistance. In the personal liability fund of Natalie Tours reserved amount of 6.8 million Rubles (89,414 Euros).