The share of foreign tourists is a third on river cruises in Russia

Create: 08/15/2018 - 15:40
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“The share of foreign tourists is a third on river cruises in Russia. From the beginning of navigation the vessels transported about 110 thousand people”, - the Moscow Canal's press service reported.

“In comparison with 2017 the tourist flow increased by 15%", - said the Head of the Moscow Canal Herman Yelenushkin, whose words are contained in the message.

According to him, the occupancy of the cruise ship operators Mosturflot, Infoflot and Vodohod reaches 80%. The ships on weekend cruises (two-three-day tours) departure with full loaded.

According to Vodohod operator, foreign and Russian tourists have booked and bought more than 90 thousand cruises of the company until the end of the current navigation.

Earlier it was reported that since January 1, 2018 the amendments to the Tax Code have come into effect, raising excises for diesel fuel and gasoline. That is why cruise tour operators suffer losses. Fuel prices have risen by more than 70% since the beginning of the year. Since cruise operators sell tour packages at a price that does not take into account the increase of fuel prices, they are forced to seek additional funds for tours. This could lead to a rise of price of cruises in 2019.