French tour operators reported about growing interest of tourists to Russia after the World Cup 2018

Create: 08/27/2018 - 12:43
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“The demand for trips to Russia from French tourists grew by one third after the World Cup and victory of the national team”, - according to the magazine Tourhebdo.

"After the victory of French team French tour operators note the increase of demand for tours to Russia. So, the company Amslav reported about an expected increase of the number of bookings by 30%. Step Travel company says about the increase of the number of group tours by 30% in comparison with the summer season 2016, which was the best for the tour operator. In Pouchkine Tour also note the growth of sales for both group and individual tours", - writes the publication.

At the same time representatives of tour operators believe that traditionally popular directions of foreign tourism (Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Golden Ring and cruise routes) will get the main effect from the championship.