Incoming tourist partner of Natalie Tours in Spain stopped cooperation with the tour operator

“Incoming partner of Natalie Tours in Spain - W2Meet company - stopped cooperation with the tour operator and began canceling orders”, - wrote the President of Natalie Tours Vladimir Vorobyov on his Facebook page.

"Due to financial disagreements our Spanish partner - W2Meet - stopped cooperation with us and began canceling the orders. To avoid creating additional problems, we made decisions to stop the charter programs to Spain and to give up from some blocks of seats on several directions. The relevant information was promptly spread on the market, which allowed to avoid serious complications at the airports of departure, arrival and at the resorts. The flights departed with one-way loading, all tourists were taken home. During the week all the rest tourist will be taken out from the resorts", - he stressed.

Natalie Tours informed its agencies that starting June 30 it cancels charter programs to six cities of Spain, Italy and Turkey. V. Vorobyev explained this by the fact that the company wants to reduce the losses from not fully loaded charter flights. He assured that all the flights are paid in and tourists will be taken out from the resorts.

"The company is currently continuing to send tourists on the basis of regular flights to all destinations except Spain, where it is supposed to replace the partner as soon as possible .With regard to the fact that W2Meet has sold to us hotels in a number of other areas, we are replacing these hotels to hotels from the other suppliers", - added the Head of Natalie Tours.