How did the tourists of the Flight FV5882 accommodate in Mexico

According to the online timetable the flight of the airline Rossia from Cancun, which previously could not fly out due to the absence of permission from the local air authorities, left the international airport of Cancun at 14.18 of local time. Arrival to Moscow is expected at 8.50 on Thursday. As a result, the flight was delayed more than 28 hours.

According to the updated data there were 515 people on the board the flight. They are tourists of tour operators ANEX Tour and Biblio Globus.

As for 16.00 of Moscow time on January 17 the most part of the tourists were accommodated in hotels. With the assistance of ANEX Tour operator 236 tourists stayed in hotels. A significant part of the tourists were accommodated in hotels independently – the carrier will compensate them money spent for living in the ensuing time. Some of the tourists of the flight refused to be accommodated in hotels.